Dental Bridges

Are you tired of always being concerned when going out because of your missing teeth? Are you sick of not being able to keep what you want, when you want it? Are you looking for a way to get that complete set of sparkly whites for that perfect smile again?

For the people in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Schlang, together with his team, is pleased to provide everyone with top-notch, state-of-the-art restorative dental bridge dentistry. It is an excellent procedure for people who are looking for a suitable answer to their missing teeth problem. Sure, the procedure isn’t an innovative one, but Dr. Schlang, together with his team, has gone a long way in terms of the materials used, artistry, technology, and sturdiness.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge, as the name implies, is a single artificial tooth or set of teeth created to fill in the void between two other teeth.  The dental bridge can be supported in a variety of ways. They can be attached to two other teeth or through dental implants. The type of dental bridge will depend on the need of the patient.

Dr. Schlang uses only the highest quality materials in the formation of dental bridges. They are exceptionally sturdy and real looking, enabling you to smile, eat, and laugh with a great sense of pride and comfort. With Dr. Schlang’s dental bridges, you will no longer feel embarrassed or out of place at social gatherings. Besides the aesthetical benefits, the dental bridges are extremely functional. Once attached, you will live life as if all your teeth were still the original ones.