Dental Crowns


Dental crowns, or porcelain dental crowns, is a synthetic tooth that is used as a substitute to the visible part of your natural tooth. It is usually used when your natural tooth is damaged, diseased, or even missing. The dental crown is what permits you to tear apart your food, which means it is extremely important that you keep it in top-top condition.

  • Practicality – The substances used in manufacturing your dental crown are top-notch. Once Dr. Schlang sets your new permanent tooth crown in place, you can eat, smile, and chew normally again. It’s as if you’ve always had your dental crown and nothing has changed!
  • Sturdiness – You can rest assured that the new dental crown that will be installed are exceptionally strong, making them extremely resistant to damage and normal deterioration. You can tear apart anything your normal teeth can!
  • Health – Unlike the natural tooth which is susceptible to diseases and contamination, the new ceramic dental crown is state-of-the-art. It is not only durable, but it is also highly resistant to harmful bacteria.
  • Beautiful – Aside from the functional benefits, you can be sure that the new dental crown looks natural and real. Friends, family, and even random strangers won’t be able to discern that you have a dental crown installed in your mouth!

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