Full Mouth Rehabilitation

For full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles area, Dr. David Schlang helps people whose teeth, gums, and sometimes jaws have deteriorated, been injured, or otherwise traumatized beyond normal dental repair techniques.

There are times when simple fillings, crowns, or single dental implants aren’t enough to completely restore your mouth. Sometimes, what is needed is a full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation, especially if you’ve suffered major tooth decay, oral trauma, or destroyed teeth. Reconstruction, rehabilitation, or restoration of the mouth are interchangeable terms used to describe the intensive process of rebuilding the dentition of the upper and lower jaws. Some of the restorative procedures utilized can include, veneers, crowns, and bridges. Reconstructive procedures might include bone grafting and dental implants. Orthodontic treatment to move misaligned teeth, and endodontic procedures to treat the tooth nerve may also be necessary.

When you visit the office, Dr. Schlang and his team will diagnose you on what kind of treatments are needed. If you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction, we will discuss with you what you want achieved from your oral work as well as propose a plan to fully restore your dental health. To begin the process, call and make an appointment with us. At this appointment, your mouth will be fully examined:

  • Teeth: Where needed, restorative procedures such as crowns,bridges, and veneers are available options to help fix cavities, decay, wear, cracking, even outtooth length, and compensate for tooth movement.
  • Gums (periodontal): Gums must be in top shape to support the results of any restorative or orthodontic procedures. Scaling and root planing might be needed to create healthy gums. In cases of extreme periodontal disease, soft tissue or bone grafts can be used to build up the gums and jawbone.
  • Jaw Muscles, Joints& Occlusion: Your bite will be evaluated – you should be able to close your mouth and chew food without pain, and your bite should not produce wear and tear on any teeth. If any one or all of the above pertain to you, orthodontics will be required before proceeding with restorative treatments.
  • Aesthetics: Not only will we correct the underlying foundations of gums and jaw, we will also focus on treating those elements that contribute to the outward appearance of the mouth

Throughout the full mouth reconstruction process, rest assured that Dr. Schlang and his knowledgeable staff is very involved. They will carefully talk with you about every single procedure in detail so that you can take comfort knowing what is being done to your mouth.

What are you waiting for? Make yourself whole again. Pick up the phone and set an appointment with Dr.Schlang’s full mouth reconstruction Los Angeles office now.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When you have damaged, infected, or decaying teeth and need full mouth rehabilitation, it can be difficult and even feel uncomfortable pursuing proper dental help. But we here at Dr. Schlang’s Los Angeles dentist office assure you that we will welcome you with no judgment.

A lot of people are starting to realize that having good oral health is more than something physical. The social, psychological, and emotional implications of a perfect smile are also important. We here at Dr. Schlang’s office understand this. We know that once you have your mouth rehabilitated, you’ll feel better about yourself, be more confident, and live a fuller life.

When our prospective patients in Los Angeles ask about full mouth reconstruction, we describe the specialty dentists that might be needed and how the process begins. Because each treatment plan is highly dependent on your specific challenges, call us as soon as possible to schedule an evaluation. After we have assessed your situation we’ll be able to tell you exactly what is needed to rebuild your smile.