Benefits of Water Flossers


More often than not, your dentist will ask how often you floss. For many people, a simple answer to that question is “Not as much as I should.” While we all know the benefits of flossing, doing so is usually a chore. If you’re not aware of the benefits flossing presents to your teeth, let Dr. Schlang DDS fill you in.

Though brushing our teeth works to remove plaque and debris from the surface, a toothbrush can’t reach the gaps in between your teeth. Within these gaps, harmful acids, plaque, and tartar remain, promoting cavities and tooth decay. This makes flossing a must, yet many patients still have trouble committing to flossing daily. Fortunately, through the use of a water flosser, you can keep your teeth nice and clean while avoiding the difficulties of flossing.

What is a Water Flosser?

Using a pressurized stream of water, much like a dentist uses to wash your mouth out during cleanings, water flossers work to remove food debris, plaque, and bacteria from your gums and the gaps between your teeth. Depending on the model, the stream of water in your flosser can be adjusted to your preference. Additionally, you can fill the reservoir with a comfortable water temperature to suit your needs.

Simply put, water flossers are a simple way to replace flossing and keep your teeth and gums just as healthy and clean.


The advantages of utilizing a water flosser are quite clear. By replacing the difficult and sometimes painful task of flossing with an easy-to-use and gentle device, patients are more likely to maintain proper dental hygiene habits. This results in healthy gums and shining clean teeth. In addition, water flossers present a number of other benefits:

Deeper Clean – Studies indicate that a water flosser reaches deeper beneath gums and in between teeth than regular dental floss. A deeper, yet gentle clean? You can’t beat that.
Great for Braces and Appliances – As if flossing wasn’t already a pain, braces make the task much more difficult and often less efficient. Patients are proven to have cleaner teeth with braces when using a water flosser.
Safe for Implants – Because implants require more care to make them last, thorough cleaning is more necessary. Dental implant patients who use water flossers prove to have less plaque build up.
Reduces Gum Disease and Gingivitis – Much like achieving a deeper clean, water flossers allow patients to remove more subgingival bacteria than brushing and regular flossing can.

Add Professional Cleanings

Clearly, water flossers present a number of great advantages over regular flossing. In addition to reaping the benefits of your water flosser, Dr. Schlang recommends his patients come in for professional cleanings at least twice a year. To get a complete clean, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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