Drinking Soda And Tooth Decay


Brentwood & West Los Angeles Dentist Dr. David Schlang is always sharing dental hygiene information for his patients.  While the sugar content in soda does indeed affect the overall health of your teeth, it’s the acidity of soda that promotes tooth decay. As we drink soda, we expose our teeth repeatedly to its acidic contents, wearing down our tooth’s enamel. As our enamel is worn down, our teeth can become stained and more vulnerable to decay.

After constant exposure to soda, our teeth begin to feel rough and become sensitive. If not properly cared for, our teeth will begin to erode and can easily crack. In more severe circumstances, teeth grinding and lack of brushing in addition to soda consumption can even lead to tooth loss. Though sugar-free sodas can be less damaging to your teeth, the acidic content still poses a threat to teeth—it’s best to just refrain from drinking soda all together.


Reducing Tooth Decay While Drinking Soda

Although we can tell you how bad soda is for your teeth and even your overall health, we know some patients will continue to drink soda. If you do continue to drink cola, you might consider the tips below to protect your teeth as much as possible:

  • Use a straw – Drinking through a straw decreases the contact of soda to your teeth.
  • Rinse out – Rinse your mouth with water after drinking soda, as the water can wash some of the acid from your teeth.
  • Don’t brush too soon – Brushing your teeth directly after drinking soda can potentially remove more enamel from your teeth, so rinse out first and give ti some time before brushing.
  • Be observant – Pay close attention to the condition of your teeth. If you feel sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, you may have a bigger problem.

While the tips above can reduce the effects of soda on your teeth, it’s best to avoid soda completely. There are plenty of alternatives that aren’t so harmful to our teeth. Additionally you may want to stay away from other beverages like wine, coffee and various fruit juices as they also present similar problems to soda.

Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Schlang Can Help

As you consider the information above, remember that regular dental visits are also essential in promoting the health of your teeth. Whether you are experiencing problems from soda or not, make sure to have your teeth cleaned by your dentist at least twice a year. Contact Our Dental Office today to schedule a teeth cleaning –  (310) 477-2488.

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