Implant supported fixed bridge


For patients that have lost, or need to remove all of their teeth, an implant supported fixed bridge is optimal permanent solution to reconstruct the dentition. This type of prosthetic is attached to dental implants, and can completely restore a persons ability to chew, as well as restore their smile and self confidence. This procedure is also helpful in maintaining bone and your facial appearance.

Full mouth fixed Implant bridges tend to be the most expensive choice for full mouth reconstruction, as they involve the placement of more dental implants, typically 6-8. However, this procedure is also the most desirable as it gives the patient back the strongest dentition possible.

In cases where the front teeth are in good health, but the back teeth are missing, as few as two implants per side can be placed to restore the posterior chewing surfaces. The alternative to this procedure would be a removable partial denture, which is not as desirable as partial dentures tend to be uncomfortable and can move when eating.

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