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The decor of the office is pleasant and comfortable?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The office is clean and sanitary?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The staff members at the desk are courteous and polite?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
Appointments and financial arrangements are handled effectively?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
I can get the appointment time I need?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
I am seen at the time of my appointment?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The dental assistants are polite, caring, and friendly?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
Everything is done to my comfort?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
All procedures are adequately explained and described?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
I feel confident that all necessary sterilization procedures are followed?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
I am satisfied with the quality of the dental care provided?NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The doctor is competent, professional, and compassionate.NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The hygienists are thorough and efficient in their treatment.NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
The staff takes the time to explain what they are doing and what I need to do.NeverSometimesUsuallyAlways
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